Restless Hearts
J. Gary Sill
Ambient Pop & Jazz
Solo Grand Piano
2002, 62' 00"
Album Notes & Reviews
from New Age Magazine, 2002
With this CD Gary continues to give us joyful and heartfelt music. With strength and poignancy, "Restless Hearts" presents the work of an experienced composer and skilled performer who creates with conviction and imagination.
Drawing on the improvised freedom of jazz, Gary has evolved a keyboard style which connects the listener with the depth and understanding his music so beautifully expresses.
"I often sit at my work and have your CDs Restless Hearts and Spring is in the Poet playing. They, especially, have become important antidotes to the harsh realities of the news and current events that I hear on the radio or see on TV. I never get tired of listening and your compositions go deep into the heart and mind, making what task I am working on more enjoyable (e.g. the task of my daily email responses, or a design problem)."

David Murray
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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