Red Monkey

Iconic Pop and jazz Performance

Jerry DesVoignes and Gary Sill collaborate in delivering exciting and soulful evenings of beautiful songs and lyrical masterpieces; music that connects generations and is the sound track of our lives. Jerry and Gary draw on their long history performing jazz and contemporary music throughout Vancouver and internationally. Their sets feature original compositions and improvisations by both Jerry and Gary as well as
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masterpieces from past decades.

Their style is dynamic and beautiful, totally engaging and occasionally, tearfully sentimental.

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Jerry DesVoignes, vocals, guitar
Jerry is an amazingly flexible vocalist, innovative composer and musician. He brings his early years as a pop n’ rock singer and his later Vancouver club experience to the trio.
His long time relationship with the great pianist/singer Lynton Garner opened a very big door for Jerry from the early 90’s through to Lynton’s passing in 2003. He is the Director of the One Voice Harmonic Choir and the Mantra Vani Orchestra, a sacred/world music ensemble. Jerry’s most recent CD, "All You Need Is Beatles", is a project he describes as being “totally something I had to do”. In many ways the trio is a further expression of the essential idea behind his Beatles recording; that well known songs, performed with skill and sincerity can communicate an unexpected depth.

J. Gary Sill, arranger, piano
Gary is an improvisational pianist who explores the simple and avant-garde, the noise and the silence. He is a composer of pop, jazz and formal music, and now... composer, piano player, arranger, and recording engineer in the dynamic Red Monkey Trio. Gary has performed across Canada in rock and jazz bands.
“I can’t believe my good luck!” quips Sill from behind his 1979 hand built Sohmer grand piano, “Jerry and I played some of these songs years ago in clubs and on cruise ships but you have to understand; it was never of this quality.
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The trio is taking our common shared music memory and making a beautiful thing of it”.
Red Monkey

Seriously Sentimental

"The music that Red Monkey plays is dynamic, skillful and highly entertaining. If you ever have a chance to be at one of the concerts - do it; you'll never regret the decision and always remember the experience."

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